7 Productivity Apps For To Become The Beast

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#1. Lastpass
Lastpass is a chrome extension that stores your password securely which you can use later without having to retype the password again.đź“·

But here is it gets better: You can use this tool to share passwords with your clients or get login credentials of your client’s without you or them having to share the password.

Passwords are 100% secured
Other people can not see passwords
Free to use

#2. Waveapp

Are you always looking to create beautiful invoices for free? Or does your client ask for invoices? Or Are you looking for complete accounting software? Then Waveeapp is for you.

Analyzes P/L in a beautiful dashboard
Cloud-based (No download required)
Send invoices without watermark

#3. Evernote

Evernote is a note-taking an app that you can use it anywhere, be it your mobile phone, desktop, or online.

Free for personal use with unlimited entries
Neat and clean design
Organize your notes with hashtags
The sync feature is best
Collaborate with team

#4. Google Docs

It needs no introduction. Google doc is a perfect free alternative to Microsoft Word. With the use of Google doc, you can write contracts, blog posts, share step-by-step guidance with a client or anything else that you want to convey through words.

Unlimited doc files
Formatting options
Secure sharing options

#5. Google Sheet

As Google doc for Microsoft Word, Google Sheet is an Excel alternative. But do not get bogged down by thoughts of “excel sheet means only used by some data analysis with maths skills” in fact google sheet has more powerful features than that.

Here’s are a few things you can do with google sheet:
Create/Manage tasks
Schedule your weekly timetable
Project management (assign tasks to team members)

#6. Hubspot Email Tracking

Hubspot’s free email tracking chrome extension helps you track emails that you send to clients. For example, you can check who opened your email, when did they open, etc.

Free to use
Email tracking helps you craft a right email
Email scheduler and templates

#7. Forest: Stay focused
Now, this is one of my favorite entry in the list. Forest is a timer app that works like the Pomodoro technique with a twist. What it does it, when you set a timer, it assigns a tree to your timer. So if you focus for that amount of time, then you get to see your tree grows in that period. This focused app helps you beat the procrastination.

Stay focus and beat procrastination
Grow trees in real-world by just focusing on tasks
What gets calculate is ought to increase. So if you do three sessions of 45 minutes, you will feel better and would want to do four sessions the next day.

Bonus Tool: Grammarly

Grammarly corrects your English grammar and frames long sentences with an easy to digest words. If English is not your primary language, then this tool with chrome extension should be installed on your browser.

Correct grammar
Improve vocabulary (select a word to find an alternative)
Structure sentences like a native writer

That’s it.

But remember all productivity apps are productive if you use it in a sugarcoat.

If you keep searching for apps and wasting time playing with these tools, then you would be doing more harm to yourself than helping.

So remember to use these productivity apps to boost your efficiency. With that, I will see you soon.

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